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RD Art Club members meet weekly at the Golden Circle in Red Deer, Alberta from 1 pm to 4 pm.

This event is open to all who are interested.

We invite those who are interested in learning to join us and socialize in a friendly atmosphere.

The Red Deer Art Club hosts workshops that are open to the public.

Workshops are conducted for various Red Deer city organizations such as nursing homes and support groups.

Check here for the club's upcoming events and workshops or subscribe to the Red Deer Art Club newsletter to receive information about club activities.

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We will have a show and tell or critique on Thursday the 6th of September.  Bring what you worked on during the summer.

I hope everyone is thinking or starting their paintings for the Kerry Wood Show in February.


The 2018 Art Club Annual General Meeting will be held at the Golden Circle on Thursday, September 20 at 7pm in the Board Room.  Memberships will be available at the meeting or on any Thursday afternoon after September 20th.



Red Deer Art Club

Membership Form 2018-2019 (copy and paste and bring to the General Meeting or on Thursday)


Name ___________________________________________________

Address __________________________________________________

 Postal Code _________________ Phone # _________________________

Email ________________________________________________________

The Red Deer Art Club will collate the names, phone numbers and email addresses of all members.  Your signature will indicate you agree to your information being on a list that is available to all paid members.  Misuse of this information will result in removal from the Red Deer Art Club.

Signature _______________________________________________

Membership fee $25 per year. ___________payable to Red Deer Art club

Mail to: Red Deer Art Club Box 1079 Red Deer AB T4N 6S5

What kinds of activities would you participate in or like to see offered by the Red Deer Art club.

  • Workshops
  • Monthly Critiques
  • Monthly challenges
  • Thursday afternoon sharing of ideas (mini workshops)
  • Applying for group shows (1-2 year lead time)


Other ideas for club activities


How or where are you willing to help out?  Check if you would help.

Monthly meetings ­­­­________, Shows__________, Workshop coordination _________,

Gallery applications ___________, Monthly Critiques ___________,

Mimi workshop __________, Financial audit ______________, Executive position __________

Other _____________, 70th Anniversary __________________

For more information  please contact us by email at